Paul has a few pieces of software he really recommends for most of our customers. Check out this short list below.
Cloud Backup Solution:

BackblazeBackblaze Signup

Backblaze is really great, and very secure. It only costs $50 per year (per computer) to have all of your data backed up. This is NOT a syncing solution, but I promise it’ll be worth that money if/when your hard drive dies!


Google ChromeGoogle Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most stable and fastest browsers available, and follows all current web standards. They also have versions available for most mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, etc)

Preventative Anti-Virus:

Microsoft Windows Defender (FREE)Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft does a great job with this FREE software. It is already included and active in any computers running Windows 8, 8.1, or Windows 10, assuming your computer didn’t come with another antivirus included (for example, McAfee). I recommend this over mostly any paid antivirus software (including Norton or McAfee)


MalwarebytesMalwarebytes Logo

This software does a great job (especially for a piece of free software) finding and removing malware and adware. Malware and adware aren’t necessarily considered viruses, but these are the pieces of software that provide all those pop-up ads and banner advertisements on some websites.

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